What students say

Thank you Maria for working wonders on my back! It started feeling better shortly after class and has continued to improve since then. You really know the human body and how to work your magic to improve our aches and pains. Anne Stevens

WOW!! Today’s “experience” with you was awesome and exceptional! Thank you for the amazing work you do. You are so aware and perceptive with my body and what it needs, wants, and is willing to do. And now, after the yoga session, I am easily recognizing when my body is in alignment and when I need to make a correction. I can see how having this new awareness will progressively help me with my yoga practice AND with my daily activities, especially gardening.

You, Maria, are a goddess-send!! In gratitude…..Deborah Myers

Practicing yoga with Maria Battista is a treasure in my life. I first learned of Maria’s gentle yoga class close to 7 years ago at a transformative time in my life when I was dealing with a challenging health situation. What a gift it was to find my way to Sacred Mountain Studio, a beautiful and inviting space. Gentle yoga practice has become an integral part of my world, an adventure in knowing myself more deeply. I’ve become more aware of my breath, its grace and power. I’m stronger, more flexible and better able to listen to my body’s “edge”. I find joy in stillness, joy in movement, and am curious enough now to pay attention to all that’s in between.
Maria is obviously passionate about yoga. She’s a gifted and knowledgeable teacher who is attentive to individual needs, clear in her descriptions of the poses, patient, creative, flexible …and fun.
If I haven’t convinced you yet, I drive 42 miles round trip 2 times a week to practice yoga with Maria. I am grateful beyond belief to call her my teacher. Moire Martin

My Saturday morning class at Sacred Mountain Studio is so much more than a weekly class. It is one of the blessings of my week. Maria is such a gifted instructor, she starts the class with a quiet mediation as we get settled into our practice. From there the next 90 minutes pass so quickly. Moving from pose to pose as we learn the benefits to our physical and emotional bodies with each transition. Maria is such a wealth of information about the history and complex levels of yoga. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and I learn something new about myself or my practice every class. I can’t imagine my life without my class or my yoga community or my wonderful teacher. Cindy Tucker

I love attending Maria’s classes. Maria creates a safe place to learn and be, however I am that day. She recognizes and supports my efforts through gentle and clear communication and demonstration. When I first started classes with Maria 7 years ago, my body and mind were tight and stressed. Slowly, at my own pace, I began to unwind, become more flexible and stronger. Now, I can’t imagine my life without yoga. Sheila Ryan

When I returned to Sonoma County I sampled many yoga studios and teachers before I found Maria Battista and Sacred Mountain Yoga Studio. After one class I knew my search for a yoga teacher was over. A weekly practice and more than a half a decade later I continue to learn more about yoga and myself every time I take a class with Maria. Maria’s classes are such an important part of my life that I convinced my mother to start practicing yoga with Maria — it is heartening to watch her grow stronger and healthier with each class. Maria is adept at communicating the history of yoga, integrating the spiritual practice of yoga, and illuminating the purposes of yoga poses. Her background in Integrative Yoga Therapy gives her an exceptional command over the intricate movements that allow you to go deepened and gain more strength and flexibility. Maria has helped me to strengthen my yoga practice and find a greater degree of comfort in my body. Just as important my weekly class with Maria has proven to provide a centered and peaceful point in my week, which I have learned to plan around and look forward to. I have been practicing yoga for 13 years and look forward to many more years of cultivating my yoga community at Sacred Mountain Studio with Maria. Nicole Myers

Maria is an excellent yoga instructor and an inspiration to all her students. Her classes are well organized and balanced with each one uniting the body, mind, and spirit in a way that is amazing. I always leave class feeling calm and rejuvenated. Kimberly Cotterill, CMT

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